Saturday, 20 August 2011

Katie 'planning boob reduction'

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Can it be true? Is Katie Price about to wave goodbye to the giant boobs that propelled her to fame (or infamy, one of the two)?

According to Closer magazine, she's planning to downsize in a bid to keep those claws firmly lodged in Leandro's Argentinian abs.
A dubious source told the publication: "Katie is planning a total makeover on her return from her holiday in Marbella next week.

"She's desperate to make herself into the perfect woman for Leandro, who has told her he prefers a more natural look."

Of course, why else would he have picked a surgically-enhanced former glamour model with 10lbs of hair extensions and more slap than a circus clown?

The source claims Pricey plans on reducing her ample bosom to a D cup and wants "pert boobs" in case Hugh Hefner loses his mind and asks her to do Playboy again.

"She's hell-bent on not letting Leo walk away, and hopes that making herself look the part will encourage him to pop the question," the insider added.

Funny... last we heard she was planning to make another part of her anatomy bigger. Perhaps she'll get a discount if they just swap the implants over.

What do you think - will Katie ever go for the natural look? Leave a comment below...

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It's little wonder the celebs put their warpaint on before they leave the house - with the paps following their every move there's always the chance they'll get caught looking, er, normal...




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1 comment:

  1. Hmm, it's a good thing for her to have the downgrade. She can try having a sporty lifestyle like what Leandro wants. It's about change and that change can be better for both of them. I wish them all the best. :)

    -> Glinda Cauthorne