Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Pammie tipped for non-celeb Big Brother spot

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Pamela Anderson, who was hotly tipped for the current series of Celebrity Big Brother, is now rumoured to be heading into the house for the non-celeb version.

According to the Sunday Mirror, the 44-year-old former Baywatch babe is due to join the ordinary desperate wannabes folk when the celeb version ends next week.
A source told the paper: "Pamela is a big box office draw. It's a great signing. She'll be very good for ratings - provocative and opinionated."

Granted, it's a good signing (if it's true).

But we're confused - the celebrity version is, let's say, short on actual celebrities, and now a star bigger than any of those currently in the house is rumoured to be joining the civilians.

It's a topsy turvy world.

What do you think - will Pammie really join the regular Big Brother contestants? Leave a comment below...

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If Pamela enters the Big Brother house, you can bet your life there will be plenty of flesh-flashing...



Source: http://celebrity.aol.co.uk/2011/08/28/pamela-anderson-big-brother/

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