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BB winners Josie and Kate get naked

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Big Brother winners come in all shapes and sizes - and as if to prove the point Josie Gibson and Kate Lawler have both bared all for a magazine shoot.

Size 16 Bristol gal Josie, who won BB11, says that she accepted the magazine's invitation to strip off "for all the curvy girls".
While BB3 winner Kate wanted to make the point that she is "not anorexic", despite being a rather skinny size 6.

Josie said: "I've given up drinking and it's marvellous. Your skin's better, the whites of your eyes look better and you feel better. I'm a size 16 and I'm comfortable."

But she did confess to having some body hang-ups, saying: "I'm shaped like a Christmas tree and one boob's much bigger than the other. I'm going to get my boobs done as one's a D cup and the other's three times smaller."

Meanwhile Kate reacted strongly to the suggestion that some people might think she had an eating disorder.

She said: "No way! That's something I've been accused of before and it's never been true. I know I look small, but, honestly, it's all down to my genes.

"My mum and my sisters all look really small, especially around the ribs."

Kate, who is 5ft 6in, also reveals that she purposefully put on weight for the magazine shoot, explaining: "I got the fright of my life when I stepped on the scales and saw that I was under 8st, but I sorted it out straightaway.

"I was 7st 12lb three days ago, so I ate like you wouldn't believe and now I'm happy to say I'm 8st 4lb.

"I got off the scales, went downstairs, had two slices of toast, then we went to McDonald's, had a hamburger and chips, then pasta Bolognese for lunch, and the biggest Chinese takeaway ever for dinner. I do find it weird that I'm not bigger. Two hours is the longest I can go without food."

Hmmm, you don't want to swap genes with us do you Kate?

You can read the full interviews in the current edition of Now magazine.

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