Saturday, 20 August 2011

Gaga goes surfing

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No, your eyes do not deceive you - that is arty pop star Lady Gaga hanging 10 (or whatever) during a break from her busy touring schedule.

We'd have thought she'd be more likely to spend her spare time hanging out in debauched polysexual nightclubs, but she showed she was a bit of a natural at surfing when she caught a Mexican wave (arf arf) in Puerto Vallarta.
Gaga managed to keep her balance on the board and strike a bit of a pose during her £145 surfing lesson.

She is taking a break down Mexico way and reportedly paying more than £4,000 per night for a luxury suite in the upmarket resort.

The Sun quoted a source as saying: "For a relative beginner she took to surfing really well. She started quite slowly learning how to body-board and then she was able to work up to standing - she made excellent progress.

"She has been very relaxed since she arrived at the resort and is looking to unwind from her punishing timetable on the road."

Whatever next eh? Pete Doherty doing Zumba?

Check out Gaga's latest video.

What do you reckon? Is Gaga a dark horse or what? Comment below...

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