Monday, 1 August 2011

Has Jack Tweed finally got a reality TV role?

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The producers of The Only Way is Essex have successfully managed to keep Jack Tweed out of shot for two entire series, despite the fact that he lives with Mark Wright.

But it sounds like that could all be about to change because Jack's reportedly found a way onto the show.

He's hooked up with Mark's sister Jessica.

Earlier this year it was rumoured that Essex boy Mark had booted BFF Jack out of their flat, fearing that his rep might be further damaged by trouble-magnet Tweed.

If Jack continues to date Jessica though, it's likely he'll finally get his mug on camera.
A inside source told The People: "Now Jack is dating Jessica it gives him an excuse to star in the programme.

"There were massive problems with him being in it before. The show doesn't take itself too seriously but there were always concerns about having someone on who had been involved in a rape trial.

"Jack and Jess really like each other and have been spending a lot of time together so it's the perfect excuse to have him on."

He'd better get his act together though - by our reckoning he's not nearly orange enough for a starring role.

What do you think - will Jack end up being a TOWIE hit? Leave a comment below...

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Jack's had a fair few run-ins with the law but he's far from the only celeb to end up behind bars...




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