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Blake's mum: 'Don't blame him for Amy's death'

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Georgette Fielder-Civil, mother of Blake, has urged the public not to blame her son for the sad death of Amy Winehouse.

Blake has long been blamed for dragging down during their drug-addicted marriage and it is often claimed that he introduced the singer to heroin and crack cocaine.

But Georgette believes Blake has been unfairly made the "fall guy" for Amy's demise.

"I am not asking anyone to say 'poor Blake' - he made his choices and he has to live with them," she told the Daily Mail.

"I'm not trying to defend his behaviour and I know him for what he is: he's an addict and he has done some terrible things.
"He feels enormous grief and responsibility for some of the things that have happened, as well he should. But I also think he's been made the fall guy for what happened to Amy, when the truth is, in fact, far more complicated."

Though Amy's father Mitch was outspoken in his disapproval of Blake and his influence on the singer, Georgette claims Winehouse was still in love with her son.

"Amy frequently said that the only person who could fix her was Blake," Georgette went on.

"She spoke to Blake the whole time before she died. Friends of Blake's have told me that she telephoned him in prison the day before she died and asked if he could arrange for a visiting order."

Mrs Fielder-Civil also claims that Amy spoke to her frequently but would hide the fact from her father.

She added: "Blake and Amy could have had a chance of happiness - I truly believe that - but only if their families were both behind them.

"I honestly believe that if they'd been given another chance, Amy might still be with us. Now we will never know."

What do you think? Has Blake been made the 'fall guy'? Leave a comment below...

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