Thursday, 4 August 2011

Gaga: 'I've given up hard drugs'

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Now you could be forgiven for looking at this outfit and imagining that the wearer might be on some kind of illegal substance.

But Lady Gaga has insisted that she has now given up hard drugs - and only indulges herself the odd toke now and again to unwind.
While co-hosting ABC's The View on Monday, she opened up about her past drug use and explained that her dad had intervened to get her to clean up her act.

She said: "I used to do hard drugs. I was so embarrassed. My dad called me out about it one day and so I stopped. I don't do any hard drugs anymore.

"I am a part of the green club sometimes. My dad was like 'I know what you're doing, because I did and I lost every friend who ever meant anything to me'."

If you're wondering about the "green club", we think she's talking about wacky baccy.

And she also elaborated on her reaction to Amy Winehouse's death - giving an explanation for her "don't kill the superstar" outburst last week.

She said: "I'm so devastated and so sad. I really couldn't speak for like 48 hours straight. I was in such shock. You know, I think the most unfortunate thing about it all is the way the media spins things. Like, here, we can learn from Amy's death.

"I don't think Amy needed to learn any lessons. I think the lesson was for the world to be kinder to the superstar. Everybody was so hard on her, and everything that I knew about her was that she was the most lovely and kind woman."

What do you reckon? Does she have a point or is she just being a drama queen? Comment below...

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