Friday, 29 July 2011

Mitch Winehouse hands out Amy's clothes

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Mitch Winehouse yesterday gave away some of his daughter's clothes, insisting: "It's what she'd have wanted."

The grieving father and his family arrived at Amy's Camden home to begin sorting through her belongings, and fans were shocked when he began handing out items of clothing and jewellery.
The crowds of fans still holding a vigil at the singer's home received vest tops, T-shirts, sunglasses and other items from cabbie Mitch.

As he doled out the items, Mitch explained: "These are Amy's T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted - for her fans to have her clothes."

The family later took away treasured items such as a guitar, notebooks and a pair of ballet shoes that Mitch placed in his back pocket.

As he left, Amy's devastated dad said: "God bless Amy Winehouse."

The family later returned to the synagogue to continue mourning their loved one.

Yesterday it was reported that giving up drink had been too much for Amy's fragile body.

However, the family must wait for the results of toxicology tests before a cause of death can be established.

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