Thursday, 18 August 2011

Taylor Momsen quits acting... and washing

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Desperate rock wannabe Taylor Momsen is no stranger to controversy.

She'll do pretty much anything for attention, from talking about f***ing priests to flashing her boobs.

And the former Gossip Girl actress has given up a lot as she bids to become Courtney Love a rock goddess... including hygiene, apparently.

While discussing her 'beauty regime' with Elle magazine, Taylor revealed that she no longer has time to wash.

"I tend not to bring a lot [on tour]," she told the mag. "[Just] a lot of black eyeshadow, and dry shampoo because a lot of the time you don't have time to wash your hair or shower, it's very chaotic."
Lovely... we imagine the Pretty Reckless tour bus is pretty much a health hazard by now.

On the up side, Taylor's also given up acting. Insisting that she wasn't ousted from Gossip Girl after all, Momsen said: "I quit acting, actually.

"I quit Gossip Girl and now tour and am in a band and that's pretty much all I want to do. Hopefully I'll be able to only do that for the rest of my life."

That's all very well Taylor but we reckon even Keith Richards had time for a bath every now and again.

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