Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Shark Week Begins With Andy Samberg's 'In Your Face' Shark Officer

'Saturday Night Live' funnyman serves as Chief Shark Officer for Discovery Channel's annual shark fest.
By Eric Ditzian

Andy Samberg
Photo: MTV News

It's Shark Week, people! It's that time of year when it's too damn hot to go outside and we're all too willing to embrace a shameless and brilliant marketing ploy in which Discovery Channel devotes much of its schedule to the sharp-toothed fishies and we stay glued to the TV because the whole thing honestly is freaking badass. To wit, get ready this week for documentaries called "Shark Feeding Frenzy," "Sharkman," "Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa" and "Top Five Eaten Alive."

Yes, the narration will be heavy on machismo, the soundtracks will veer between horror-movie strings and staccato, annoy-your-neighbors bass lines, and the whole thing will be overseen by Andy Samberg. We're not exactly sure why, and we're certainly not complaining, but the "Saturday Night Live" funnyman has been appointed Discovery's first-ever Chief Shark Officer. Tops among his awesome responsibilities, we found out during a chat with Samberg and his Lonely Islands pals this spring, is the requirement that the CSO taunt all non-CSOs.

"Chief Shark Officer! In your face, other dudes!" he cracked.

"We're kind of the Chief Shark brain trust on this," Jorma Taccone offered.

"No, you guys haven't helped me at all on this," Samberg shot back with killer instinct.

So it's Samberg and Samberg alone guiding us through the hazards and happiness of Shark Week. Can he handle the pressure? After debuting in 1987, the weeklong block of programming was watched by almost 31 million people last year — the highest-rated shark-themed week in Discovery's history. Samberg ain't scared.

"I've already been in the water with sharks," he said of a trip to the Bahamas to shoot promotional material for the week.

"Did you get to slap five with a shark?" Taccone wanted to know.

"Yes, me and a shark slapped five!" Samberg replied.

Are you looking forward to the Samberg-helmed Shark Week? Let us know in the comments!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/MTVNewsLatest/~3/xgtYI259y1w/shark-week-andy-samberg-officer.jhtml

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