Sunday, 7 August 2011

New music: jj and Ne-Yo ? We Can't Stop

An unlikely collaboration between Swedish haze-pop stoners jj and R&B's Ne-Yo makes for dreamy listening

Unlikely musical collaborations can be a great idea (Kylie and the Bad Seeds, Bjork and Kelis, Kanye and Bon Iver), bringing out the best in both parties, but they can also be an ego trip too far (see most of those "special" Brit award collaborations).

As part of their 10-week series of free downloads, cartoon network Adult Swim have somehow managed to pair up Swedish dream-pop stoners jj with US R&B hitmaker Ne-Yo. Apparently Ne-Yo sent Adult Swim the previously unreleased song and they sent it on to jj. The latter basically take over the first half, Elin Kastlander's unsettling voice wrapping itself around lyrics such as "you look fly as hell" while a minimal pulse beats behind her. Around the three-minute mark, Ne-Yo's voice rises out of the gloom, the smoke clears and it becomes a fairly straightforward Ne-Yo slow jam before Kastlander returns for the relatively rousing finale.

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