Friday, 12 August 2011

Moombahton, Nu-Jungle, Future Garage? Let Herv� explain

Electronic music can be a whirl of genre confusion, so producer and DJ Herv� shows how to sort the post- from the nu-

The genres and sub-genres and underground sub-dark-post-genres of dance music, frankly, can be confusing. So who better than Herv�, also known as The Count, Speaker Junk and Action Man, to clear it all up? "I try to make up one new form of dance music a week," he explains. "I write their names on a chalkboard at home."


"It's kind of a micro trend ? it's like a micro scene. It started with this guy called Dave Nada. He slowed down a Dutch house record and combined it with reggaeton drum beats. The extreme end of it might make you have a bit of a panic. If it was going to be played in a telly show, it wouldn't be Skins. Not Luther either. Maybe a breakout in a laboratory? The labs where they keep the monkeys? Or Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. I've never heard people called moombahtonistas, but we could invent that right now ? moombahtonistas. Like fashionistas."

Future garage

"With moombahton, you can say to someone: you make moombahton. And they'd say yes. But with future garage, people would say, don't you dare say I make future garage. This isn't DJ Luck and MC Neat anymore. We've moved away from 2-step. Well, actually, a lot of it can actually not sound very 'future'. It can sound just like garage from before. The thing with future garage is that it's supposedly evolving ? it's using [influences] from the past and bits from the future. I mean, saying 'future' is over-egging the pudding. To the casual listener it probably sounds like 2-step or UK or US garage. So to sum it up, future garage isn't very futuristic."


"Dubstep's kind of getting into pop now so this is a new form of it. Jamie xx ? he's somewhere between where people categorise post-dubstep and future garage. He'll probably hate me saying that.The only dubstep thing I know that Britney did was a middle eight on that single [Hold It Against Me]. A token head nod to dubstep, but it wasn't really dubstep was it? Maybe she'll do post-dubstep on the next album. I'd imagine anyone who does post-dubstep would love Britney to come down and they could twist her a cappellas and put them on a record."


"It's newer than John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever but not as future as future garage is supposed to be. It's inbetween. There was future disco ? this whole thing has been done before. So nu-disco is actually kind of nu-new-disco. Although, now it's kind of disco but not 100% disco. It does overlap with a bit of new Balearica. There's a bit of psychedelia thrown in there too. It's complicated. I don't think Lady Gaga will do it. Her stuff is more hi-NRG than just disco. Maybe Kylie Minogue would do it, or Robyn."


"My album Machines Don't Care Volume Two is kind of nu-jungle. I didn't intend to make up a new genre, that's just what I call it. It's kind of jungle and drum'n'bass-influenced music, which would go with dubstep. So nu-jungle is ravey and hardcore, and it's got Baltimore influences. To simplify, if there had to be an animal in the video for a nu-jungle song, it would be a pack of otters."

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