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Masspike Miles Brings Jazz Influence To Rick Ross' MMG

Maybach Music Group R&B singer tells Mixtape Daily about The Road Less Traveled.
By Rob Markman

Masspike Miles
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Mixtape: The Road Less Traveled

Headliner: Masspike Miles

Representing: Boston

Real Spit: It ain't all "Tupac Back" and "I'm a Boss" over there at Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group. Rozay's R&B singer Masspike Miles slows things down on his The Road Less Traveled mixtape.

Masspike, who hails from Boston, has been a longtime collaborator for Ross and company, but he holds his own on his latest, capturing inspiration outside of hip-hop. "The Road Less Traveled is basically a great mixture of great sounds influenced by the '60s and '70s: some great jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and different people like that," he told Mixtape Daily. "I've been sitting around, driving around to jazz music for the last year and really been inspired by the changes and the sounds and different things like that."

With only a few rap contributions from the likes of Torch, Smoke Bulga and Bun B, Masspike uses soothing grooves on the slow and sensual "Making Love." On "Walked Away," Miles sings of a painful breakup over an acoustic guitar track that eventually evolves with electric riffs and synth keys.

Bun B raps from the heart on "Devoted," dedicating his verse to his wife in a very mature fashion. The tape's standout, "Sex Compass (Christopher Columbus)," finds Masspike Miles discovering different sexual positions with his lover, and on "I'm All Out of Love," we see the singer vulnerable with a weakened heart.

The Road Less Traveled is unapologetically R&B with a street twist. "In the Hood" is a perfect example of when he blends the two. On "Hood," Masspike switches the formula and raps over a frantic track bragging about his frozen wrists and status in the game.

He might have taken the less-traveled one, but ultimately the road Masspike Miles is on should lead to riches.

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"Sex Compass (Christopher Columbus)": "This concept came about during a funny conversation that I was having with this young lady, and I basically told her I invented a sex compass after we had our experience together. She laughed, and I said, 'Wow, that's such a great record.' "

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