Friday, 5 August 2011

Duncan Bannatyne: 'I'm living in a nightmare'

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Dragons' Den tycoon Duncan Bannatyne has spoken about his "nightmare" after a cyber blackmailer threatened to kidnap and "slaughter" his daughter Hollie (pictured above).

The 62-year-old, who went public with the story earlier this week when he offered £50,000 via Twitter to have the blackmailer's arms broken, revealed that he has since received more threats.
The latest messages he received, from a newly set-up Twitter account, said "dirty b****** we slaughter f****** Hollie Bannatyne" and "dirty b****** death to you".

And Hollie herself was sent a message saying: "Hollie Bannatyne you dirty w****."

Bannatyne deleted his tweet about broken arms several hours after posting it, but has now handed the matter over to the police entirely.

He has been swamped with support for his actions from the public - and his only public comment has been to tweet: "Living in a nightmare."

A police spokesperson said: "Durham Constabulary can confirm Duncan Bannatyne has reported a number of threatening messages he had received via email and Twitter in which threats were made against a member of his family.

"These appeared to originate from an email address based in Russia. We have been liaising since then with Mr Bannatyne and conducting enquiries into the credibility of these threats."

He is also understood to have placed Hollie under extra security.

What would you have done in Duncan's position? Comment below...

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