Sunday, 14 August 2011

Common, Nas Make 'Ghetto Dreams' Come True In New Video

The two lyrical MCs fantasize about a cocoa-skinned beauty in 'Boyz N the Hood'-inspired video.
By Rob Markman

Photo: Arnold Turner/ WireImage

Ghetto dreams do come true. On Thursday, Common dropped the video for his Nas-assisted single "Ghetto Dreams" and, apparently, when the rappers go to sleep at night, it's video actress Bria Myles who prances around their black-and-white subconscious.

The Matt Alonzo-helmed visual starts with both rappers sitting on a couch nodding off while watching the 1991 classic "Boyz N the Hood" on T.V. The scene playing on the screen is the one in which Chris (played by Regi Green) tells Doughboy (Ice Cube) that church is the best place to pick up women. "I give y'all a hint," Chris says, "Everybody's been there."

Then the No I.D. beat drops and the dream sequence begins with Myles emerging from bed wearing a tank top and a pair of derriere-revealing gym shorts. Both MCs are now sitting on a grimy staircase, where Common begins to rap the lyrics to the first single off of his upcomingThe Dreamer, The Believer album: "I want a bitch that look good and cook good.'

The chocolate-skinned beauty acts out the song's lyrics, flipping pancakes in the kitchen, smoking a marijuana-filled joint and counting her money as Common's verse progresses, calling out each action.

"I wrote it about someone in the neighborhood that got a dream of reaching a higher level and they're in that process," Com recently told MTV News. "Their woman is really like the correlation and the parallel and the symbol to that progress. It was coming from me, but it was also the voice of many others."

In the video, Nas shares a similar affection for the kind of multifaceted girl Common describes in the song. As the Queens MC's verse rolls in, he sits on the same staircase, dressed in a jacket, white shirt and tie, spitting his verse. "Had explicit experiences I shouldn't mention/ For me, getting women turned from sport to addiction," Nas raps, as Alonzo cuts back and forth between performance scenes and Myles applying makeup as she gets ready to attend a Sunday service — or so the viewer is led to believe.

By the time the beat fades out, the dream is over. It's at this point that the two MCs give each other a look that seems to say they realize that although they may be fantasizing over the perfect love, in the end, they're just two dudes on a couch.

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