Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Call for ammo

We're about to discuss the outlaws v extra-terrestrials blockbuster with Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Jon Favreau ? but what should we ask them?

On Thursday we'll be loading the cameras and riding the stagecoach all the way to a scheduled showdown with the director and stars of Cowboys and Aliens, a rollickingly entertaining summer blockbuster in which a bunch of cowboys go to war against a band of extra-terrestrials. Never let it be said that Cowboys and Aliens is guilty of false advertising.

I'll be sitting down with Daniel Craig (who stars as outlaw hero Jake Lonergan), Olivia Wilde (who plays the mysterious Ella) and director (and sometime actor) Jon Favreau. But this is no High Noon scenario: I can't tackle them all on my own. So we're calling for back-up, for ammunition. Please post your questions for Craig, Wilde and Favreau below and I'll do my darndest to ask as many of them as time allows.

Here's some further background on Cowboys and Aliens. It's set in the 1870s and casts Craig as a reformed bandit who leads the charge against an army of outer-space "demons" who've stormed a small-town and abducted the locals. Wilde plays his assistant, a stranger from out of town who claims to come from a place "beyond the stars", while Harrison Ford co-stars as the grizzled landowner in search of his deadbeat son (Paul Dano).

I'm unsure whether Favreau's film is based on a true-life historical incident, so do feel free to ask him. I'm puzzled as to why Ford has chosen to run-scared of our showdown, so maybe you can ask that too. Are the invading aliens a metaphor for the original settlers, who butchered the Native Americans and forced them off their land? Or is this merely the first blast in an ongoing mash-up franchise that will later give us Cowboys and Superheroes, Cowboys and Wizards and Cowboys and Jihadists? But what else? Already I'm out of ammo and pleading for reinforcements.

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