Monday, 15 August 2011

The Bill star set for Hollywood stardom

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There's a lot of bitching and unpleasantness in celebland so it makes a refreshing change when we get to report some genuinely good news.

Which is why we're pleased to hear that a former star of The Bill is on the verge of hitting the big time in Hollywood.

Jeff Stewart, who played PC Reg Hollis on the police soap for 24 years, has won a Best Actor Award at the Manhattan Film Festival.

As the star of Under Jakob's Ladder, which also picked up the Best Film award, Jeff is now firmly on Hollywood's radar and has already signed up for a further five film projects.

But it's not been an easy ride - Stewart was already dealing with personal problems when he was axed from The Bill in 2008.
Feeling let down and betrayed, Jeff ended up slitting his wrists in his dressing room. Thankfully, he changed his mind and called the front desk for help.

Since then Stewart has reinvented himself.

"I didn't cut my hair for three years," he told The Sun. "It was a thought-out deliberate choice. I thought, 'I have to look as different as possible."

The plan worked because four films later, Jeff has achieved some deserved recognition and Hollywood stardom surely beckons.

Jeff, 55, explained that he felt a "cold shiver" as his name was called at the Manhattan awards bash.

"I slowly walked up on stage," he added. "I said to the audience, 'This is absolutely extraodinary. This is amazing'. I thanked everyone."

What do you think - a well-deserved success for Jeff? Leave a comment below...

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