Monday, 8 August 2011

Arg: 'Who needs Amy Childs?'

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With Amy Childs off to pursue her, um... career, and Mark Wright rumoured to be considering his options, The Only Way is Essex appeared to be in crisis.

Not according to James 'Arg' Argent.

Arg reckons the show will be just as good without the Queen of Vajazzling, and insists TOWIE is "more than capable of doing well" without her.

"I think Amy aspires to be someone like a Kerry Katona or a Jordan whereas the other cast members like myself and Lydia Bright have different aspirations," he told The Sun (without elaborating as to what those aspirations are).

He also questioned Amy's decision to quit for lucrative spot on Celebrity Big Brother.
"The benefits and money you earn on the back of the show outweigh what you'd get if you were paid for something else," he explained.

Amy's currently got a spot on This Morning and is rumoured to be getting £200k for CBB... so we can only assume Arg is getting serious money to promote the new LG phone.

What do you think - will TOWIE be bigger and better without Amy Childs? Leave a comment below...

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Amy's post-TOWIE career could end in disaster but she wouldn't be the only celeb with a black mark on their CV...




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