Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pot, meet kettle... Katie turns celebrity style critic

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Let's be honest, Katie Price is really in no position to criticise the fashion sense of her fellow celebs.

But hey, she's got her very own magazine (which is obviously in a different league to the "celebrity bulls*** ones she loathes) so she can do what she likes.

And in the very first issue of the self-titled Katie, Pricey gets her claws out for Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Holly Willoughby AND Tulisa.

First up, it's Chezza and her admittedly awful X Factor ensemble.

"The whole thing is absolutely hideous," says Katie. "I don't know who's responsible for the outfit and the horrific hair but I hope Cheryl sacked them. It looks like she's put on weight."

Er... fair enough, probably best not mention the hair though, eh Katie?
Then it's the turn of Holly Willoughby who's "very mumsy" (being a mum, and all).

"You don't ever see her looking really sexy, do you?" asks the oft semi-naked mum-of-three.

But it's pale and proud Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts who gets the worst of it.

"She always gets it wrong," says the fake-tanned glamour girl. "She is trying to be unique but she doesn't have the confidence to carry it off."

Katie has got time for Tulisa though. At least, the old, pre-X Factor makeover Tulisa.

"From what I know of Tulisa's style, I much preferred how she used to look, you know, a bit more street," Pricey muses.

After all that though, Katie admits that her own style is "very dodgy".

"I love the drag queen look," she confesses. "What I wear is not really everyone's cup of tea, is it?"

Well, at least she got one thing right.

What do you think - has Katie got a point with her celebrity style critique or is it a clear-cut case of the pot calling the kettle black? Comments below please...

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If she carries on like this, a horde of angry stars will soon be lining up to take a pop at Katie. But we do love a good celebrity feud...




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