Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jessie calls off Vince 'crisis talks'

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After a week of 'revelations' from her fiancé's ex-partners, Jessie Wallace has reportedly called off a week of "crisis talks".

The EastEnders actress was supposedly due to meet cheating Vince in Crete for the second week of what would have been their honeymoon but has now told Morse to stay away.
According to The Sun, 39-year-old Jessie told him he had "blown his second chance".

A source told the paper: "She called him every name under the sun. When she read that it was known she'd agreed to meet him after what he'd done, she flipped."

So it appears the actress took note of the ex-wife's warning and put an end to his hopes of rekindling the relationship.

The source added: "Vince is heartbroken but is starting to see Jessie for what she is - volatile and aggressive. She blames everything on him but she's been a destructive force too with her horrific mood swings."

You know what they say... there's two sides to every story.

What do you think - should Jessie take some of the blame for the break-up or is it all on Vince? Leave a comment below...

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It's never an easy time when a relationship comes to an end, so spare a thought for these poor celebs who've had to go through their splits in the public eye...



Source: http://celebrity.aol.co.uk/2011/09/05/jessie-wallace-vince-morse-crisis-talks/

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