Sunday, 11 September 2011

Leona: 'Sexy singers go too far'

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We were convinced Leona Lewis was trying to shake off the girl-next-door image. But she's not ready to give it up just yet.

The lovely Leona has slammed the raunchy routines and sexy moves of female popstars. In fact, she's downright "insulted" by some of them (ahem, Rihanna).
Speaking to Stylist magazine, Ms Lewis said: "Personally, I think some people go too far. I don't really like to see people dancing around a pole or gyrating on a guy every time I go to a concert."

Er... Britney, we think she means you.

"I just don't think there is any need for it," Leona went on. "I'd rather be something positive, especially to young girls. It's not something I want to represent and I find it a bit insulting as a woman.

"There's a way to be sexy that's not too in your face."

And that means she won't be doing any naked photoshoots or "weird sex books"... sorry boys.

Call her boring if you like... she's not bothered.

In a separate interview with Rollacoaster magazine (due out next week), the singer hit back at those who have branded her dull: "It doesn't bother me. I'd rather be seen like that than a harsh, brash person."

One thing that does bother her though, are looters.

Londoner Leona weighed in on the riots debate, saying: "You have to remember (Hackney) is a very poor area and they're taking away funding for youth programmes," she told the publication.

"But I just think (rioting) was literally some hood rats that jumped on the bandwagon to go a bit insane."

She might be a nice girl but she's obviously perfectly capable of speaking her mind.

What do you think - is Leona right? And will she manage to maintain her 'nice girl' image? Leave a comment below...

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Since Leona won't be doing any sexy photoshoots, you'll just have to make do with these bikini-clad beach bodies...




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