Saturday, 10 September 2011

David Walliams struggles on with 'Thames tummy'

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As if swimming for eight hours a day isn't tough enough, charity swimmer David Walliams is now struggling with a nasty bout of 'Thames tummy'.

The Little Britain funnyman contracted the stomach bug yesterday and began suffering with a high temperature, putting his 140-mile Sport Relief effort in jeopardy.
But this morning, despite only managing to swallow some toast, Walliams is back in the water and has vowed to carry on "as long as he can put one arm over the other".

Today is David's fourth day in the murky Thames water and the stomach bug has only made things harder.

However, news of the money raised (over £330,000 so far) and the cheering supporters lining the river are keeping him going.

Of the well-wishers who turned out, Walliams said: "There were so many last night I thought Take That were in a boat behind me."

Best of luck David!

What do you think - will David make it to the end? Leave a comment below...

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Hats off to David for braving whatever horrors are lurking in the Thames. We're sure he'd much rather be sunning himself like these celebrity beach boys...



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