Thursday, 8 September 2011

Amy Childs' boobs 'will only last 10 years'

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Anyone in any doubt that Amy Childs is a Jordan wannabe, take note - the former TOWIE star is already planning her next boob job.

Time is running out for Amy's £5k D-cups because the Celebrity Big Brother housemate has revealed her surgically-enhanced melons will only last "about 10 years".
Chatting to fellow contestant Paddy Doherty, the Essex girl said: "I want them done again, actually. It's been five years now and I think the implant has shrunk a bit.

"Even if I just keep them at a D-cup and get them uplifted."

We imagine the chances of Amy sticking to a D-cup are slim to none.

What do you think - will Amy end up with giant Jordan-style breasts? Leave a comment below...

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Amy is, of course, famous for 'vajazzling'. And if that means nothing to you, check out our celebrity dictionary...




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