Friday, 18 March 2011

"The Lincoln Lawyer" and "Limitless" Hit Theaters Today!

It?s a big weekend at the box office as two of the most highly-anticipated films of the year hit theaters today (March 18).

First up, ?Limitless? which stars Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish and Robert DeNiro, involves Cooper?s character who is unable to resist taking a designer drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his brain.

The other must-see ?The Lincoln Lawyer? stars Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillipe and surrounds McConaughey?s character as a lawyer who conducts business from the back of his Lincoln town car while representing a high-profile client in Beverly Hills.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine?s, Peter Travers, ?Limitless? and ?The Lincoln Lawyer? are ?both perfect escapist date night movies.?


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