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Liz Hurley and Shane Warne romance 'dead'

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Oh no, the stop-start romance between Liz Hurley and Shane Warne is reported to be over again!

The couple, amusingly dubbed "The Hornies" by the Australian media, are claimed by a friend of Liz's to be finished after the most-recent sex scandal to hit Shane.
It was during Liz's recent trip to Australia that a porn star told the press she had been chased by "Horny Warnie" at the same time that he was initially seeing Liz.

The source, who was not named, told Woman's Day magazine: "Any romance that was building between the two of them is dead now - the scandal killed it.

"She came to Australia bright and happy to be seen on Shane's arm, but after the allegations came out, it was clear she didn't want to be seen with him again... there was this bad energy between them."

At the time Liz cut short her planned trip to Oz and tweeted: "Love is like a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes it's exhilarating but sometimes u feel sick and want to get off (sic)."

Awwww. At least Liz can take solace in the fact that she's still got it, if this picture is anything to go by.

What do you reckon? Will they get back together? Comment below...

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Liz is featured in our gallery of celeb MILFs...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=973899&pid=973898&uts=1295354789


Perhaps the queen of the celeb milfs - Angelina Jolie is one of those actresses who seems to mature and improve with age like a fine wine.

Sure, she was hot back in the 1990s - but we'd take the more stable, elegant modern Ange over the flaky little minx she used to be any day.


She was initially famous for being someone's daughter, because her much-loved actor dad Richard Beckinsale died tragically young in 1979.

But Kate Beckinsale had her own daughter Lily Mo Sheen (honest) in her 20s - and then broke America as a young mum.

We'll forgive her Pearl Harbour because she's such a fine example of British womanhood.


Courtney used to play nice, sensible (and slightly boring) Monica in Friends - so we never expected that her next major role would be as the main character in a series about predatory milfs.

Well, that's basically the plot of Cougar Town, isn't it?

And now that she's split up with barmy hubby David Arquette she's free to start making life imitate art - so long as she gets a babysitter for daughter Coco Riley.


If we had to identify a turning point in Dannii Minogue's recent career, we think we'd say it was when she got pregnant with partner Kris Smith.

Where she had occasionally seemed a little cold or brittle in the past, she suddenly seemed to come alive and cement her position as "hottest and most interesting female judge on the X Factor".

Well, that's in our opinion anyway - and we don't mean that we think Simon or Louis are hotter either!


OK, we've had a few decent milfs so far - but now it's time to get serious - because Demi is probably the milfiest milf in all of the milfiverse.

She looks better now as she heads toward 50 than she did when she was appearing in sexy blockbusters in the 1990s - and she has three teenage kids to boot!

Ashton Kutcher is a very lucky man, and he appears to know it


She's only in her early thirties, so perhaps a little young for milf status, but Portuguese-Canadian songstress actually makes our list because she's such an unexpected candidate. An under-milf if you will.

She had her daughter Nevis (if she has a son, we hope she'll call him Ben) back in 2003 - and seemed to lose her baby weight overnight.

You can really go off some people, eh?


A little while ago Gwynnie probably wouldn't have made this list. Not because she's not mumsy enough, but because all that yoga and macrobiotic food isn't really very sexy.

But recently the mum-of-two has been sexing it up a bit with dresses like this and a smouldering role in the Iron Man films.

We'll make a milf of you yet Gwynnie!


Now we're talking! If anyone can give Demi Moore a run for her money as queen of the milfs then surely it's the eternally sexy Halle Berry?

In 2008, at the age of 42, she was named the seiest woman alive by Esquire magazine - shortly after giving birth to baby daughter Nahla.

And for the first time in the history of silly magazine lists, nobody argued!


The new queen of daytime TV is also a strong contender queen of the milfs (UK division).

Milf purists may consider her two young for such a title, but we beg to differ because we reckon Holly's always been a bit mumsy - hence her popularity on kids' TV.

And now that she's got one child and another on the way, it all makes sense in a strange way.


Liz was in danger of slipping off the celeb radar before the Shane Warne affair went public at the end of 2010, but we reckon she could be Holly's toughest competition for the UK milf crown.

She's smart, sexy, funny and she gives good Twitter... what more could you want in a woman?

We're glad to see she doesn't wear "that dress" around her son Damian though.



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