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Pixie Lott: Sex kitten or lolcat? VOTE

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What is it with Pixie Lott eh? She always seems to look like she's just come out of a class at stage school without getting changed.

The 20-year-old's latest fashion "moment" happened yesterday when she was snapped out and about with a girl pal in Los Angeles - wearing cat ears, hotpants and long socks.

And charmingly her friend seems to have gone for a similar look - albeit without the ears.

She's been out in LA recording tracks for her next album, in case you were wondering what had lured her away from her native Essex, btw.
We wonder if she'll hook up with her celeb pal David Hasselhoff while she's out in la-la-land?

Back to her outfit though - and we're not ones to judge - so we'll leave that to you with a poll right here...

What do you think of Pixie's new look?

And don't forget to elaborate on your vote, should you wish, in the comments field below...

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At least Pixie isn't flashing as much flesh as some of these stars...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=992185&pid=992184&uts=1300471910

Put it Away Love

It's almost two decades since Pamela Anderson burst onto our TV screens - and the bedroom walls of teenage boys everywhere - in Baywatch.

She must have made a fortune over the years, so we're baffled as to why she now feels the need to go out in outfits that are actually more skimpy than her famous red swimsuit.

Put it away love!

Put it Away Love

Ri-Ri, you know that we love you - so we want you to take our advice in the sincere, friend-to-friend manner in which it is intended.


That is all.

Put it Away Love

There's nobody who does provocative fashion anywhere near the level of Lady Gaga right now. Nobody.

But despite her lack of competition, she seems to have been flashing more and more flesh lately.

We're starting to wonder if she might be an exhibitionist or something...

Put it Away Love

Before her drug-induced meltdown a couple of years ago, Amy Winehouse was most famous for her beehive hairdo and her unpredictable behaviour.

But part of her rehab process seemed to be getting whopping breast implants and showing them off as often as possible.

It might be working for her, but it;s not making us feel any better!

Put it Away Love

Li-Lo used to have the odd wardrobe malfunction from time-to-time, but her drug problem has taken centre stage in the drama that passes for her life in recent years.

But once she was sober we were alarmed to see her turn up for a court hearing in this amazingly inappropriate figure-hugging dress.

She should have been sentenced for it there and then!

Put it Away Love

Now Daisy Lowe seems like a perfectly pleasant young lady, and there's no denying that she's rather easy on the eye, but she sometimes makes us feel a bit like a disapproving mum.

You're not seriously going out like that are you Daisy? Over my dead body! etc. etc.

Put it Away Love

Time was when Britters was almost as famous for "accidentally" flashing her ladybits as she was for her music.

Fortunately she now confines her flesh-flaunting to her stage shows - which seems to be working out quite well for all concerned.

Put it Away Love

But as one star fades another is born - and Miley Cyrus already had several flesh-baring scandals to her name before she even hit 18.

Her famous side-boob at the MTV Europe Music Awards last summer was perhaps the most memorable incident.

Put it Away Love

The artist formerly known as Xtina forged her career on being a bit saucy - and despite a quiet few years has been right back on it recently.

We haven't seen Burlesque, but we'd hazard a guess that there may have been at least a little skin on display.

But anyway, it was the leaked private photo showing her wearing just a few chains that made us really want to tell her to put it away.

Put it Away Love

And Christina's Burlesque co-star Cher shows that you can still make a career out of not wearing very much when you are well into your sixties.

If we could turn back time we'd tell her to knock it on the head about 15 years ago.

Put it Away Love


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