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Erm, haven't you just had a baby?

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Abbey Clancy

Anyone out there who's struggling to lose their baby weight might want to look away from this picture of new mum Abbey Clancy.

Just 11 days after giving birth to daughter Sophia Ruby, Abbey's snapped straight back to her previously tiny frame and donned skinny jeans to show off her figure.

We shouldn't be surprised - even when she was pregnant, Abbey's only weight gain appeared to be the bump itself.

Nevertheless, we can't help but be a tiny bit envious of the ease with which she's regained her slender physique.

If she has been working out though, it's because she's just dying to get into a pair of hotpants... red, leather ones to be precise.
In her Now magazine column this week, Abbey explained: "While most of my friends came to my baby shower with toys and baby clothes, my stylist Angie Smith bought me red leather hotpants.

"I can't wait to wear them. I'm determined not to start dressing like I'm 45 years old now that I'm a mum.

"I've bought some Lanvin snake-print wedges so maybe you'll see me pushing the pram in those and my hotpants!"

He's a lucky man, that Peter Crouch.

What do you think? Has Abbey been secretly working out? Leave a comment below...

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Abbey may be blessed with a naturally slim figure but these celebs have to work at their fitness...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=984684&pid=984683&uts=1301053516

Sweaty Bettys

Coleen shows how she keeps those girl-next-door good looks as she takes a trot around the park with her personal trainer.

You'd think Wayne would want to go for a jog with her, what with all the training he must have to do.

Sweaty Bettys

You can tell Miley Cyrus isn't a hardcore jogger from the way she's wearing Daisy Dukes and a loose T-shirt.

We reckon she should have stuck with that nice Justin Gatson though - he must have been a good influence.

Sweaty Bettys

Heroes star Hayden seems a delightful young lady, accomodating the snappers with a smile as she gets papped while out of a jog in her hotpants.

Nobody mention cameltoe though, alright?

Sweaty Bettys

Madge rocks a purple velour tracksuit as she leaves her gym in London.

And she's not shy about showing off her guns either!

Sweaty Bettys

But she's had the keep-fit bug for decades - as this shot of her out jogging with a minder in 1987 shows.

And no younger readers, they haven't had their bikes stolen - cycling shorts actually used to be trendy.

Sweaty Bettys

Ally McBeal actress Calista goes for a run with her son Liam (he's in the pram, silly) and a flunky in sunny LA.

We know she's famous for beign skinny, but it looks like her jacket is falling off of her!

Sweaty Bettys

This shot of P Diddy out jogging in New York City was taken a good few years ago.

He has people to do this for him now you know.

Sweaty Bettys

Here's X Files star David Duchovny and wife lovely wife Tea Leoni out for a run together.

We know they've had their ups and downs but are still together, so perhaps the family that plays together stays together?

The truth is out there!

Sweaty Bettys

This snap of George Michael and his friend was actually taken about a decade ago.

Apparently he only goes over the park at night now.

Sweaty Bettys

Movie star Goldie Hawn warms down after going for a run around LA.

We don't know why she stopped by the cameraman though. It's almost as if she wanted to get papped!

Sweaty Bettys


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