Monday, 21 March 2011

Yung Berg Talks Dropping Mr. Ward After 'Falling Back'

'I took a little break to get my production right,' the 'Sexy Lady' MC tells MTV News about his new mixtape.
By Jayson Rodriguez

Yung Berg
Photo: MTV News

Yung Berg's been a big hit on the blogs during his career, but not always for having big records (though he has more than a couple of those on his musical résumé).

The Chicago rapper arrived on the scene with his breakout number "Sexy Lady," but then found himself making a series of headlines for all the wrong reasons: feuding with people over jewelry or ill-advised comments.

Berg shied away from the spotlight, working as a songwriter (Diddy, Leighton Meester) before finally returning from his hiatus with his new mixtape, Mr. Ward.

"I been falling back, I took a little break to get my production right," he told MTV News recently. "A lot of people didn't know I was producing those records, 'Sexy Lady,' 'Sexy Can I,' 'The Business.' I was producing those records, [but] people didn't know. I fell back and just went back in with a bunch of different people. Right now, I got the new mixtape, Mr. Ward, and I thought the best thing for me to do is to collaborate with people that I work with behind the scenes and let people know the alliance."

He recruited a slew of artists to join him on the project, from longtime go-to guy Ray J to Shawty Lo to Young Chris. In spite of the number of names on his guest list, Berg insists Mr. Ward is still his party.

"It flows right; it's not like it's overcrowded," he said.

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