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Myleene gets plastered

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Myleene KlassMyleene Klass

Oh, is Myleene Klass pregnant? We didn't realise!

Only kidding, and as if she didn't go on about it enough already - she's now had a plaster cast made of her bump to bring even more attention to celebrate her impending motherhood.

The former Hear'Say star-turned-TV personality posted this quite amusing picture of herself all covered in plaster yesterday.

We're not sure what prompted such lunacy, but we suspect it may have been for a TV show.
Whatever the reason, it didn't go entirely to plan because shortly after tweeting that pic, she followed up with: "Chaos. Plaster got stuck down the sink. Cue flood and @deanpiper with a mop! My hero"

What do you reckon? Is Myleene a bit of a "professional mum" or are we being mean? Comment below...

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We reckon they must be putting something in the water in celebland, because it seems like just about everyone has got a bun in the oven right now...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=975003&pid=975002&uts=1295631149

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? May 2011

Who's the daddy? Holly's lucky hubby Dan Baldwin. She and the TV producer already have a son, Harry together.

Awww: Holly and Dan have already shared the news that they're expecting a girl this time around.

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? Summer 2011

Who's the daddy? Hubby David of course. Do you even need to ask? The new arrival will be their fourth child together.

Awww: Posh has said she'd like to have a girl this time, but must be feeling like the odds are stacked against her after already popping out Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz already.

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? March

Who's the daddy?

Who's the daddy? Amanda's hubby, record producer Chris Hughes, of course. They've already got a daughter together.

Awww: Amanda managed to keep news of her pregnancy private for the first six months, because she had previously suffered a miscarriage and was afraid it might happen again.

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? June

Who's the daddy? Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. The couple met at a festival last year and have enjoyed a whirlwind romance.

Awww: When the news broke a source was quoted as saying: "It was not planned, but they are excited and embracing it."

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? Summer 2011

Who's the daddy? Her choreographer boyfriend Benjamin Millepied, who she met while working on ballet flick Black Swan.

Awww: She's confessed to having been getting cravings for dill pickles and ketchup. Yum!

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? Spring 2011.

Who's the daddy? Mariah's hubby, actor and comedian Nick Cannon.

Awww: We all suspected something was up when a large-looking Mariah slipped on stage last October, but she still kept schtum. It turns out the poor mite had also suffered a previous miscarriage and was keeping her pregnancy under wraps.

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? March.

Who's the daddy? Actor hubby Javier Bardem, who she tied the knot with last year - and who looks delighted about the news in this picture.

Awww: Penny is notoriously secretive (well, she did go out with Tom Cruise for two years), but it is believed that Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli came to her baby shower.

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? March.

Who's the daddy? Her long-term partner Graham Quinn, with whom she already has daughter Ava.

Awww: Describing a conversation with daughter Ava, Myleene said: "She said she'd like two. I'd love her to have seven sisters. I don't think I could love anybody as much as I love Ava, but I have two siblings and I don't feel my mum loved any of us less."

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? Spring 2011.

Who's the daddy? Eva's Italian boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj. The couple already have a three-year-old son called George together. We wonder if she says "hello boys" when she gets home from work.

Awww: She said about having her first child: "My life was turned upside down in the most wonderful way. I've become much more focused on building a home - not just having a roof over my head, but actually creating a homey feel. As a model, it's a gypsy kind of life: living in hotels, working all the time, ordering room service instead of cooking for yourself. There's absolutely no nest-building."

Pregnant Celebs

When's it due? February (so any day now).

Who's the daddy? Well it better bloody well be her pianist hubby Jamie Cullum!

Awww: Refreshingly, the privacy-loving couple turned down a six-figure deal for their wedding pictures, so don't expect to see their nipper on the front of Hello.

Pregnant Celebs


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