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Lady Gaga 'still haunted' by bullying

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She might a pop icon now but Lady Gaga has admitted that she is still "haunted" by the school bullies that taunted her.

In an interview with Google, she explained: "I say this with so much genuineness in my heart: Bullying stays with you your whole life.

"I was never the winner, I was always the loser, and that still stays with me."
However, she insists she holds no grudges, even when those same bullies come begging for tickets.

"There's been lots of concert ticket requests," she went on. "I think one of the most awkward things anyone ever said to me was, 'Well, my my, how the tables have turned'."

"To be honest, I don't have that kind of vengeful spirit and I never did."

Previously Gaga had confessed to Cosmopolitan magazine that she was bullied because of her big nose, curly brown hair and because she was overweight.

She later told The Independent: "Right now the only thing that I am concerned with in my life is being an artist... I had to suppress it for so many years in high school because I was made fun of but now I'm completely insulated in my box of insanity and I can do whatever I like."

Yesterday, the singer unveiled an alarming new look as promotion for her new album Born This Way.

What do you think? Is Lady Gaga a good role model for youngsters? Leave a comment below...

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Check out our gallery for a look back at some of Gaga's most outrageous and creative costumes...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=988360&pid=988359&uts=1300898635

Lady Gaga Costumes

Everybody loves a shiny disco ball, but we don't all want to look like one.

Trust Gaga to come up with the mirrorball dress - for the girl who really knows how to party.

Lady Gaga Costumes

You know the maxim that "less is more"? Well in Gaga's case we think "more is more" might be a better term.

Wacky hat, loads of feathers, pink hair, gold mask... but somehow it works.

Lady Gaga Costumes

Gaga channels Dame Edna at the launch of her "Heartbeats" headphones - marketed in conjunction with Dr Dre.

Lady Gaga Costumes

Gaga was named "stylemaker of the year" at the Accessories Council Awards in New York in November 2009.

We assume a veil counts as an accessory, otherwise she was letting the side down by turning up to accept it without a handbag!

Lady Gaga Costumes

Forget for a moment the general incongruity of Lady Gaga being in Blackpool and ponder what tyou'd wear if you were meeting the queen.

Now take a look at this picture and marvel at Gaga's front. That's what the talent show dancers behind her are doing, we're sure.

We hope nobody told Her Maj that Gaga isn't a real aristocrat!

Lady Gaga Costumes

One of our favourite Gaga costumes here, the lace bodysuit and crinkly black hat ensemble.

We love how it's a make-up launch and virtually all you can see of her face is her lips.

It's the little details...

Lady Gaga Costumes

Meow! Gaga strikes a feline pose as she is snapped by the paps at Tokyo's airport.

Looks like she's been writing on her arm with her mascara there.

Lady Gaga Costumes

Ever wondered what happened to all the lace doilies you used to see at your elderly relatives' houses?

Well it looks like Gaga snapped them up to make this dainty outfit.

Lady Gaga Costumes

Gaga turned-up in this ensemble to collect a gong at the Platinum Awards in Germany.

We're not sure what her award was for - but we're guessing it might have been for the best Scottish Widows advert lookalike.

Lady Gaga Costumes

We know it gets very hot in New York City in the summer, but do you really have to strip to your bra and pour water over your head Gaga?

You do? Oh well, carry on then.

Lady Gaga Costumes


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