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Katie Price denies proposing to Leandro

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Katie Price has denied a tabloid report that she has already asked her new Argentinian boyfriend Leandro Penna to marry her.

A story in today's edition of The Sun claimed that she had been begging 25-year-old Leandro to marry her as they enjoyed a night out with pals in London on Wednesday.
A source was quoted as saying: "Katie kept saying, 'Marry me. Come on, why don't we just go and get married?'

"It's like Alex Reid never existed, but they aren't even divorced yet."

But Pricey reacted furiously, tweeting: "Gordan smart defo not SMART in the sun newspaper another made up bulls**t story where do these people get there crap from" bad journalism"

And she later followed it up with: "I didn't know gordan smart and dan woot went to the same bullshit school of journalism how they have a job in media I have know idea!!"

Gordon Smart is the editor of The Sun's showbiz section and Dan Wootton is the showbiz editor of the News of the World.

Katie is of course still married to Alex Reid - who has been staying at his mum's house while nursing his broken heart.

Who do you believe? Katie or The Sun? Comments below please...

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Leandro is just the latest in a long and illustrious line of gentlemen to be allowed into Katie Price's inner sanctum...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=974209&pid=974208&uts=1295441723

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