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Justin Timberlake linked with Mila Kunis?

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Justin Timberlake Mila Kunis dating?Wire Image

Blimey, the celebs don't mess about when it comes to romance.

Rumour has it Justin Timberlake may have already moved on from Jessica Biel, just days after the couple announced their split.

US reports suggest that JT has been getting close to Mila Kunis, his co-star on the potentially aptly-named film Friends With Benefits.

A source told E! Online: "Justin is very interested in Mila. They've been flirting. But so far nothing has happened."

The pair presented an award at the Oscars last month and witnesses say their "giggling chemistry" was evident.
Of course, there has been no confirmation from either star but both have recently split from a long-term partner - Justin from Jessica just last week and Mila from eight-year lover Macaulay Culkin in January.

Coincidence? Possibly.

What do you think? Do Justin and Mila make a cute couple? Your thoughts on the matter below...

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Justin clearly has no trouble with the ladies, but we're starting to think some of the stars could do with a helping hand on the romance front...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=981674&pid=981673&uts=1300003793

Stupid Cupid

Now we know Katie Price is something of man-eater, but bear with us. After disastrous relationships with Gareth Gates, Dwight York, Peter Andre and Alex Reid (to name but a few), maybe it's time for the Pricey to try a new tact? Forming a lesbian power couple with the equally famous-for-doing-nothing Kim Kardashian would get them both more of the headlines they crave, and we're pretty sure the inevitable sex tape would be the best selling of all time...

Stupid Cupid

Let's be honest Chezza - the Derek Hough thing just isn't working. You've rebounded from Mr. Nasty to Mr. Nice and we can tell your heart's not really in it. What you really need is someone inbetween Ashley Cole and your lovely dancer... someone who's a good guy, but with a bit of 'edge'... someone who has recently split up from similarly-adored popstress... someone who can help you 'break' America. Cheryl: meet Jake.

Stupid Cupid

Cheryl Cole's cheating ex-hubby Ashley has always maintained that we have him wrong: that despite those pictures of him in a pair of grotty briefs and the content of his awful autobiography, he isn't such a bad fella after all. Well, we say: prove it. Jessie J can be Ashley's chance to put things right: a rising pop star who could do with the publicity. If he manages not to drop the ball again, this could be a case of 2nd WAG lucky for the Chelsea man.

Stupid Cupid

After spending decades floating on yachts somewhere in the Pacific snogging models half his age, Jack Nicholson recently announced that his time as the wild boy of Hollywood is over, aged just 73. Jack also said quite clearly that 'conventional' marriage just doesn't suit him. Well, we ask you, what is more unconventional than an 81-year-old porn star? We think Katie Waissel's gran could be just the woman to finally tie Jack down. And if not, at least they're both still up for it enough to keep the right flames burning.

Stupid Cupid

We know, we know. This sounds even worse than the last one. But Cher Lloyd turns 18 this summer, and Kayne West frequently displays the mental age of a teenager, so the age-gap shouldn't be too much of a problem. Then there are all the things they have in common: massive egos, a fondness for tantrums and a love of rap music - Kayne could even teach Cher a thing or two about her 'flow'. Not to mention produce her first album, and guarantee it sells a few million copies stateside...

Stupid Cupid

JLS' resident 'top shagger' Aston really thinks he's pop's gift to women - but what would he do if he met a true tiger like Rihanna? The Louder star is definitely the gal to put him in his place, dwarfing him in terms of sexual presence, record sales and, well, feet and inches. And on the plus side: they're a similar age, have similar careers and would look fantastic together.

Stupid Cupid

Fresh on the rebound from her brief affair with a certain Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal, goodie-two-shoes Taylor Swift needs what every girl needs in these circumstances: a bad boy. And who out there in singlesville is more of a bad boy than Calum my-Dad-was-George Best? Equally, the womanizing Englishman might benefit from a relationship with someone a little more sensitive than his usual 'type'. Who knows, she could be the Katy Perry to his (cut price) Russell Brand.

Stupid Cupid

Reality TV has thrown up plenty of weirdos over the years, but no two quite as strange as this pair. Subo - as if we could forget - was the bumbling Scottish recluse who shuffled onstage to a chorus of sniggers before leaving a newly-minted singing superstar, while 'The Hoff' was a fading TV actor who got his mojo back via America's Got Talent. Both have acted reasonably loopy ever since, which is why we suggest their common background and urgent need for someone to lean on makes them a perfect - if unlikely - couple.

Stupid Cupid

Zzzzz... Zzzzz... sorry - just the thought of pairing these two together made us nod off for a moment! The most boring man in pop and the most boring lady in Hollywood would no doubt find each other fascinating, and let's face it, if we had a cupid list that didn't involve the world's most famous spinster, what kind of a celebrity gossip site would we be?

Stupid Cupid

It must be getting lonesome for poor little Geordie Joe, stuck out there on the dwindling fortunes of post-X Factor fame, tweeting his fans to remind them he's opening some supermarket in Norwich. What he needs is some American sparkle... someone who can show him true love... someone who can salvage his music career with a chart-topping duet... enter Glee star Chris Colfer!

Stupid Cupid


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  1. Justin Timberlake does not belong with this new girl or his Ex Jessica Biel - he belongs with my gorgeous beautiful 27-yr old daughter and if he ever saw my daughter or met her he would fall head over heels in-love with her because she is truly a one of a kind 5 ft 4" Very Sweet & Sophisticated Texas Blonde Green Eyed Beauty and it would be a real shame if the two of them never get to meet in their lifetime so I'm really hoping that somehow, someway that my post here will eventually make its way to Justin himself and that he finds a way to contact me to meet my daughter!