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Big Will blows �10k to avoid 50 mins in economy

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For some reason, we've always thought of Will Smith as one of Hollywood's more down-to-earth insanely-rich global mega stars.

But no more.

Not since we heard that the Fresh Prince reportedly spent £10,000 on a private jet to avoid taking a 50-minute journey in economy class.
According to the Sunday Mirror, 'Big Willy' refused to board a Dublin to Manchester flight after it emerged there were no first or business-class seats left.

The actor had the whole Smith family entourage with him as they follow daughter Willow as she supports Justin Bieber on his European tour.

But rather than mix it with the plebs for a little under an hour, Will demanded his management charter a private jet, costing him a cool £10,000.

The incident is said to have riled Aer Lingus bosses who had made special arrangements for the star to be fast-tracked through Manchester airport.

A source told the paper: "We know he is used to ­travelling in style but we were really put out. It raised a few eyebrows when we heard because it seemed to be a bit of a snub. It surprised everyone because it's a short flight and economy is still very ­comfortable."

On the other hand, we guess 50 minutes of people staring at you and whispering - or worse still, trudging over for photos and autographs doesn't sound like much fun.

What do you think of this story? Shocking abuse of money or fair enough really? Let us know below!

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Think Will is bad? Check out the biggest - and weirdest - celeb divas of all time...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=990010&pid=990009&uts=1299599066

Celeb Divas

"I'm still Jenny from the block", Jennifer Lopez once declared to a world of raised eyebrows. After all, people who are down-to-earth wouldn't insist on massive trailers, more white flowers than an Elton John party and having their coffee stirred counter-clockwise when at a charity single recording session. And she expects us to believe that her love don't cost a thing!

Celeb Divas

In a bid to prevent her bony bum-prints turning up on eBay, Madonna is said to demand a brand new toilet seat at every concert she plays before having it smashed to bits after use. She also requires three candles to protect her from bad vibes, possibly from those who've forked out £120 to hear her eschewing classics like Holiday for her cover of American Pie.

Celeb Divas

Clearly there is an ideal temperature to keep your vocal chords and enormous mandible in full working order - as according to Celine Dion's rider her dressing room must be a precise 23°C. She also requests parking for 20 trailers, 10 buses and three stretch limousines. One assumes that she must carry all her fans on tour with her too.

Celeb Divas

Forget Van Halen's legendary M&M-related request - Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame has submitted the world's weirdest rock rider. At a show in Australia, he demanded a defibrillator and an ambulance, of all things, before warning lackeys not to enter his field of vision while he's performing.

Celeb Divas

What does the Donatella Versace of Pop have on her rider? Well, Lady Gaga requests plenty of cheese - but only if it's entirely odourless. This would indicate that she likes her dairy products to be entirely flavourless as well, but we guess that she's rarely been troubled by good taste. Besides, her cheesy music stinks quite enough.

Celeb Divas

Streets front man Mike Skinner has long been hailed as a man-of-the-people. But we're not sure how this tallies with his apparent demands for a vintage merry-go-round horse, a choice of pillows and music being played on his arrival at the Myhotel in Brighton. Sounds like a grand's worth of stuff does come for free...

Celeb Divas

Devon-born drawler Joss Stone issued an 11-page list of must-haves prior to a performance at a festival near Liverpool in 2007. Not only did she request a dozen roses with their thorns removed and plenty of Miracle Whip, but it was pointed out that the starlet would only eat from china plates placed on a tablecloth. Meanwhile, the punters formed queues at Botulism Burger.

Celeb Divas

Plenty of people have a problem with 50 Cent, but the rapper insists on there literally being no beef whenever he plays a gig. "There is to be no beef (except where noted) or pork in the food or vicinity of 50 Cent's dressing or catering rooms", bellows his rider request list. He also asks for eggs "made to order", proving that he has high connections in the glamorous world of battery farming.

Celeb Divas

Where to start when it comes to diva tales about our Mariah? The most memorable recent one was that she requested 20 white kittens and 100 white doves when she turned the Christmas lights on at Westfield - but was refused on health and safety grounds.

Celeb Divas

Still, all of these celebs are mere pretenders to Grace Jones's throne when it comes to spectacularly diva-ish behaviour. For example, she insisted on having a caviar facial on every night of her January tour. And at the MOBO awards she demanded to be driven right up to the stage instead of walking. Now that's how to do it. Gaga has a lot to learn.

Celeb Divas


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