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Alex's brother in coke-dealing sting

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X Factor winner Alexandra Burke's younger brother Aaron has been caught-up in a newspaper drug sting - and is claimed to have sold cocaine to an undercover reporter.

The 18-year-old, who Alex has previously revealed went off the rails a couple of years ago, allegedly sold 1.5 grammes of the class A drug to a reporter for The Sun.
And the paper also claims that he boasted of dealing to several celebs as well, claiming that he'd met some of them through his big sis.

He is alleged to have said that he supplies a famous boy band member and a "world-renowned rapper".

The paper claims that Aaron, who has twice auditioned for The X Factor himself, sold the drugs last Friday in Islington, north London.

It quotes him as having said: "I can get the best stuff - as much as you want. I get it for celebrities I've met because of my sister."

He is also claimed to have given the reporter a free sample of "blue cheese" cannabis, saying: "It's cos you're a new customer. I give everyone a start-off deal as an incentive to come back.

"I can guarantee you it's very good. I collected it yesterday from the supplier."

If all this is true then it's another blow for poor Alex, who has previously said that winning The X Factor "tore apart" her family - leading to blazing rows with her mum Melissa as well.

Don't let it get you down Alex! There's nothing you can do, try to think of something happy instead... like that nice dolphin you met this week.

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It's been a busy couple of weeks in celebland, what with all those fashion shows and award ceremonies - and we've got a cracking selection of caught on camera pics for you as a result...,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=964216&pid=964215&uts=1299695961

Caught on Camera, March 2011

It's not difficult to stand out on the front row of a fashion show because everybody else is usually wearing black.

That didn't stop Katy Perry going for a sort of pop art-meets-Marge Simpson look at the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac catwalk show in Paris.

Caught on Camera, March 2011

We told you everyone else would be wearing black - and that includes It girl Daisy Lowe and La Roux singer Elly Jackson.

What is it with celebs and wearing sunglasses indoors though?

Caught on Camera, March 2011

When Gaga took to the catwalk to model for Thierry Mugler's Paris Fashion Week show she was probably wearing more clothes than she usually does in public.

She might look fashionable, but she certainly doesn't look big or clever with that fag dangling from her lip.

Caught on Camera, March 2011

See what we mean! Here she is just going about her business and not trying to get an attention at all, honest, in Paris again.

We hope her limo has those fancy heated seats, because we'd hate to think she'd get a chilly bum in the name of fashion.

Caught on Camera, March 2011

Is it just us, or have Charlie Sheen's antics gone from amazing to annoying very quickly?

Here he is with one of his girlfriends Natalie Kenly, brandishing a bottle of "Tiger Blood" from on top of a tower.

Please don't ask us why.

Caught on Camera, March 2011

And speaking of fashion, we think we've worked out where X Factor man-beast Wagner Carrilho goes to get his threads.

Quality Street.

Caught on Camera, March 2011

We don't normally envy celebrity minders, but being Ri-Ri's bodyguard clearly has it's advantages.

We're sure this reacharound cuppage is completely unintentional however. Not that she seems too bothered.

Caught on Camera, March 2011

It would be easy for us to take this picture of Alexandra Burke looking smokin' hot on the beach and write something about her having the sexy factor.

But we're not going to do that. Nosireee.

Caught on Camera, March 2011

No, Miley hasn't been cast in the latest rubbish Pink Panther remake, she was just messing about with a fake 'tache on a US chat show.

We think it suits you though Miles, you should think about keeping it.

Caught on Camera, March 2011

He might have got a haircut but Justin Bieber still can't go out in public without the getting papped or mobbed.

Here he is with GF Selena Gomez doing a bit of grocery shopping.

Caught on Camera, March 2011


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