Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tulisa 'could ditch music for acting'

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Just this morning we brought you the news of Cheryl Cole's first movie role, and now it seems her X Factor replacement Tulisa is getting in on the act(ing) too.

The N-Dubz star has actually already filmed her movie debut, a new Brit-flick called Demons Never Die, but her co-star Idris Elba says that she's so good she could go full time.
Idris, who played Stringer Bell in The Wire, told Heat magazine: "She was such a great asset to the film. I said I wanted someone who could act, and she blew us all away.

"She's a really good actress - because I'm an actor too, I'd tell you if she was s**t. Really good role for a singer wanting to get in to acting. And Tulisa definitely wants to do more acting."

But apparently Idris refused to pick Tulisa or her X Factor co-judge Kelly Rowland as a favourite, saying: "I couldn't choose between the two - Kelly is a mate."

Anyway, well done Tulisa - from teenage tearaway to actress and TV talent show judge is quite a transformation.

What do you think? Should she give up music? Comment below...

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